As teams scale Kubernetes, ensuring applications meet enterprise needs is a challenge. Multiple manual tasks are required in the deployment process, preventing complete automation and the confidence that it brings. 

CAEPE simplifies common security, process, and data needs.

Deployment Governance

  • State which applications require approvals and who must approve each deployment*
  • Mark specific deployments for customer approval prior to deployment*
  • View deployment history for applications deployed by app or cluster

Deployment Validation

  • Create policies around application deployments
  • Run pre-flight checks before deployment through dry-runs and smoke tests
  • Obtain delivery confirmation and verification that what was deployed is consistent with the manifest
  • Integrate existing security tools to ensure application security checks are executed prior to deployment

Managing Global, Regional, and Local Requirements

  • Create and manage schedules for deployments based on time zones and restricted periods due to local requirements, seasonal campaigns, or regular maintenance windows

Cross-team Consistency and Standardization

  • Define mandatory organization-specific polices for all deployments for namespaces, tags and application naming*
  • Use one deployment tool for all teams to deploy applications on Kubernetes across environments from managed cloud services, on-prem, airgapped to edge

Safe Harbor Data Strategies

  • Simplify Safe Harbor data strategy implementation with the ability to define which apps and data are deployed to which clusters based on location

Audit Trails

  • Ensure full traceability with logs and audit trails provided for actions in CAEPE


  • Manage access, roles, and rights to deploy applications through RBAC
  • Use CAEPE as an on-prem install for zero-trust model implementation

Advanced Deployments

  • Define and utilize common advanced deployment strategies: Canary, Blue/Green, and Highlander*

*Upcoming releases

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