How CI/CD automation saves you time and money

Beyond reducing repetitive manual work and accelerating product delivery, investing in the right CI/CD tools and automation can dramatically lower costs for your organization. Here’s how you can take full advantage of CI/CD automation cost benefits. 

Automation is still a challenge.

Despite the clear benefits of CI/CD, many companies are still shying away from full automation. 

In CAEPE’s recent survey of DevOps and Kubernetes practitioners, automation and team skills were the top CI/CD tool chain challenges identified.


70% of survey respondents still required manual steps in their CD strategy. The top reasons for this included:

  • internal policy & process
  • skills
  • security
  • limited technology

See the hidden cost savings of CI/CD.

Time freed up from full CI/CD automation results in significant cost savings across the board.

Reduce costly downtime

Automation improves reliability of deployments, reduces impact on revenue or credibility that could potentially result from extensive downtime.

Minimize troubleshooting

Product development and release processes are more reliable when automated. Developers waste less time bug-fixing and can focus on improving quality, increasing DevOps ROI and pushing out new features faster.

Lower learning curve

Automated CI/CD pipelines free up developers from time consuming manual tasks. The learning curve and training costs for new team members are dramatically reduced.

Bring down staff costs

All successful software products and services evolve significantly in their lifetimes. Automation eliminates many fixed costs embedded in the release process, substantially reducing the cost of making incremental changes to software as they evolve.

Foundations for CI/CD automation.

To move towards full CI/CD automation, consider these key items:

Continuous Integration

Write automated tests for each new feature, improvement or bug fix

Set up your CI server to monitor the main repo and run tests automatically for every new commit pushed

Merge developer changes as often as possible, at least once a day


  • Less bugs in production – regression issues are captured early by automated tests
  • Easy to build releases – all integration issues are solved early
  • Reduce context switching – developers are alerted as soon as they break the build and can fix it before moving on to new tasks
  • Significantly lower testing costs – CI servers can run hundreds of tests in seconds
  • Higher quality – QA teams spend less time testing and more time improving quality culture

Continuous Deployment

Build a strong foundation in CI first & ensure your test suite covers enough of your codebase

Automate deployments that do not require human intervention after code commit and automated tests

Embrace feature flags so that incomplete features do not affect customers in production


  • Simpler deployments – the complexity of deploying software is greatly reduced
  • Decrease time required for release preparation – minutes instead of days
  • More frequent releases – customer feedback loop is accelerated which leads to improved quality

Automate CD confidently with CAEPE.

CAEPE is an advanced Kubernetes CD tool designed to help DevOps teams deploy their enterprise Kubernetes applications with confidence. With CAPE, you can:

Deploy anywhere including major cloud platforms, self-hosted and airgapped scenarios

Ensure robust delivery through smoke testing, progressive delivery strategies and risk/rule-based deployments 

Address and support skill gaps while saving time & effort and improving quality & confidence

CAEPE Continuous Deployment

Manage workloads on Kubernetes anywhere robustly and securely.

  • Shores up security by simplifying deployment anywhere, supporting managed services, native Kubernetes, self-hosted, edge and secure airgapped deployment targets. 
  • Supports GitOps and provides guided, UI-driven workflows for all major progressive delivery strategies
  • Has RBAC built-in, providing inherent enterprise access control for who can deploy.
  • Supports extended testing capabilities enabling your team to run different tests quickly and easily.

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