Deploy applications on Kubernetes anywhere with confidence

Multi-cloud and hybrid architectures are increasing common as IT teams need to address a host of different enterprise needs. Considerations include:

Geographic data needs


Performance constraints

Disaster recovery

Regulatory & compliance factors

Organizations may also require custom hardware or specific vendor-managed services. 

These infrastructure approaches offer many benefits but are tricky to configure and manage. Each environment has its nuances, requiring time to learn and optimize. Running stateful, multi-cloud or hybrid applications in Kubernetes adds difficulty, given its inherent complexity and evolving tooling ecosystem. 

CAEPE is a Continuous Deployment platform built for Kubernetes. CAEPE allows teams regardless of skill levels, to deploy applications run on Kubernetes anywhere, confidently across distributions, platforms, and environments. With CAEPE, applications can be deployed anywhere: self-host, cloud, or hybrid. CAEPE supports managed services, native Kubernetes, self-hosted, edge deployment targets.

Deploy applications on Kubernetes anywhere with confidence

Deploy applications on Kubernetes anywhere with CAEPE

1-Click Deployment and Management

One tool from which teams can automate and sync deployment across multiple clusters and environments including managed, virtualized, air-gapped or edge Kubernetes. CAEPE supports all major Kubernetes distributions and cloud services. Support costs and maintenance overhead is drastically reduced.

Easy Integration with Existing Tools

CAEPE can be easily integrated into existing workflows and tool chains through REST APIs and scripting. Developers can also use our UI to define and action deployments. CAEPE supports both push and pull deployments. 

Address Enterprise Needs

Be it specific geographical requirements, deployment governance and validation or safe harbor data strategies, CAEPE enables IT teams address common and emerging security, process, and data needs for Kubernetes applications in a straightforward and automated way.

Support for Edge and Air-gapped

CAEPE makes robust deployment functionality available for Kubernetes applications in Edge and Airgapped environments. Deploy applications in intermittent / no connectivity situations with the same functionality you have on cloud. Manage deployment priorities and actions based on cluster connections, sync & cache registries, deploy applications from an external device for airgapped situations.

CAEPE Continuous Deployment

Manage workloads on Kubernetes anywhere robustly and securely.

  • Shores up security by simplifying deployment anywhere, supporting managed services, native Kubernetes, self-hosted, edge and secure airgapped deployment targets. 
  • Supports GitOps and provides guided, UI-driven workflows for all major progressive delivery strategies
  • Has RBAC built-in, providing inherent enterprise access control for who can deploy.
  • Supports extended testing capabilities enabling your team to run different tests quickly and easily.

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