CAEPE Virtual Demo

Experience CAEPE’s benefits and capabilities in a few minutes.

Introduction to the workflows and scenarios we cover in this virtual demo.

A walkthrough of the CAEPE dashboard and the crucial deployment monitoring insights available.

Explore the simplicity of conducting A/B testing. 

See how smoke tests can be run in minutes.

Experience how CAEPE simplifies managing deployments across different environments

Walk through how CAEPE works with Azure DevOps to ensure seamless deployments.

Walk through how CAEPE works with GitHub Actions to ensure seamless deployments. 

Overview of access controls in CAEPE and how different teams can be provided with safe access and self-service to robust deployments. 

The rationale behind CAEPE and a sneak peek into its current functionalities and upcoming features.

Who CAEPE is built for, and the use cases it resolves.

Overview of CAEPE in relation to the larger DevOps tooling ecosystem and possible integrations. 

Overview of the enterprise support and expertise that come standard with CAEPE. You get comprehensive help to integrate CAEPE into your DevOps ecosystem and pipelines.

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