CAEPE Features.

CAEPE focuses on standardization and automation so that teams regardless of skill levels can deploy their applications on Kubernetes with consistency and quality in line with their organizational demands.

Automate common tasks for faster, quality deployments

  • Single platform for teams to deploy and sync applications across multiple clusters and environments including managed, virtualized, air-gapped or edge Kubernetes
  • Simplified GitOps with support for both manual and automated deployments
  • Automated cluster builds
  • Automated monitoring of state files and validation of change impact on deployments
  • Built-in advanced deployment strategies – Canary, Blue/Green and Highlander*

Deploy applications in edge and air-gapped environments*

  • Full CAEPE app functionality for edge and air-gapped clusters
  • Option to deploy apps from an external device running CAEPE
  • Option to run CAEPE app with minimal resources
  • Support for on-demand, bandwidth, or connection-based deployments
  • Support for deployment queues and priorities
  • Ability to create and sync local registries

Simplify common enterprise security, process, and data needs

  • Policy-driven application deployments
  • Pre-flight checks through dry-runs* and smoke tests
  • Deployment approval workflows*
  • Automated application rollbacks and deployment retries
  • Scheduled deployments based on zones and restricted periods
  • Managed policies for namespaces, tags, and application naming*
  • Location-based deployments
  • RBAC for access and role management
  • On-prem installation option
  • Log and audit trail for all actions

Enable consistent deployments across teams of different skill levels

  • Powerful scripting and APIs for easy integration into existing tools
  • Intuitive UI for defining and actioning deployments
  • Support for guided deployments and deployment approvals*
  • Deployment history for all applications
  • Multiple ways to define applications and deployments
  • State file validation to ensure deployment success*
  • Monitoring, notifications, and deployment of environmental or vault changes
  • Cluster matching based on application desired state*

*Upcoming releases

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