Deploy applications on Kubernetes with confidence

CAEPE™ is a Continuous Deployment platform built for Kubernetes. Simplify and automate deployment across platforms and environments. Address enterprise security, data and process needs. Reduce skill gaps and offer consistent deployment strategies. Utilize a robust, maintenance-free product with full enterprise support.

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Deploy CAPE anywhere

1-click deployment with CAEPE

Automate Multi-cluster, Hybrid Deployments

Accelerate delivery by simplifying and automating deployment. Use one platform to deploy and sync your applications across multiple clusters and environments including managed, virtualized, airgapped or edge Kubernetes. Streamline execution of advanced deployment strategies: Canary, Blue/Green, and Highlander.

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Simplify Enterprise Needs

Address common and emerging security, process, and data needs for Kubernetes applications with ease. CAEPE reduces time-to-market through features such as guided deployment strategies and convention management. Available as both a SaaS and on-prem install, CAEPE can be deployed on owned infrastructure in line with zero-trust implementation.

Simplifying Safe Harbor Implementation with CAPE

Simplifying Safe Harbor Implementation with CAEPE

CAEPE provides developers of differing skill levels the ability to create their own deployment strategies

Provide Universal Access and Ensure Consistent Deployment Strategies

Empower every member of your development organization to carry out Kubernetes applications deployments consistently and quickly. Developers can use the UI to define and action deployments. CAEPE can be easily integrated into existing workflows through REST APIs and scripting.

Use a robust CD platform purpose-built for Kubernetes

CAEPE is an enterprise Kubernetes deployment platform to complete existing CI/CD tooling. CAEPE abstracts teams from managing chaos and change commonly associated with open-source solutions. CAEPE is feature-rich, always up-to-date and maintenance-free.

Enjoy Full Expertise & Support

Your CAEPE journey starts with a zero-cost, 6-week pilot. From pilot stage, CAEPE customers enjoy full enterprise support – dedicated expert resources for onboarding, rollout and support.

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