Deploy applications on Kubernetes with confidence.

  • Deploy frequently, consistently and confidently
  • Eliminate deployment workflow gaps and manual intervention
  • Reduce expertise dependency and minimise skill gaps

About CAEPE.

CAEPE automates delivery of Kubernetes applications and enables complex deployment strategies anywhere including airgapped scenarios where there is limited, intermittent or no connectivity. 

CAEPE plugs into existing tool chains supporting both pull or push deployment approaches.

CAEPE is available as a maintenance-free SaaS offering or for installation on own infrastructure.

Where CAEPE makes a difference.

Scaling enterprise deployments

  • Need to manage and scale deployments across multiple clusters across different zones and regions OR with hybrid requirements
  • Need to schedule, plan and manage deployments based on regional, local or seasonal requirements
  • Need to improve consistency, quality and speed of deployments

Ensuring robust delivery

  • Need to validate quickly if production applications can work on new Kubernetes versions or with infrastructure changes

Key Features.

Deploy Anywhere    •    API-first    •    UI & CLI    •    Zero Trust Model

Last Mile Delivery

Eliminate deployment workflow gaps

  • Triggered and automated deployments
  • Scheduled deployments
  • Deployment history, approval and audit
  • 1-click multi-cluster deployment

Smoke Tests

Ensure robust delivery

  • Rule and risk-based app deployments
  • Sandboxed clusters for smoke tests
  • Snapshot live applications and data

Airgapped & Edge Deployments

Carry out deployments in no/limited connectivity scenarios

  • Secure and consistent deployment to clusters with limited/intermittent or no connectivity

Advanced Delivery

Eliminate gaps in advanced CI/CD for Kubernetes

  • Canary, Blue-Green and Highlander strategies
  • Cluster difference analysis
  • Desired State dry runs

Deploy Anywhere.

Deploy CAPE anywhere


Up to 25 clusters


per cluster

unlimited nodes

25 clusters +


per cluster

unlimited nodes

* Clusters charged as active after 24 hours | Pricing in USD


Dedicated support and a structured adoption process help ensure your team succeeds with CAEPE. Sign up now for a demo and to learn more about our zero-cost pilot.

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