Scaling enterprise Kubernetes applications poses unique challenges for teams, multiple manual tasks are required in the deployment process, hindering complete automation and confidence in deployment.  

CAEPE streamlines security, process, and data needs, offering a tailored solution for seamless integration and efficiency.

Enterprise Kubernetes

Deployment Governance

  • State which applications require approvals and who must approve each deployment
  • Mark specific deployments for customer approval prior to deployment
  • View deployment history for applications deployed by app or cluster

Deployment Validation

  • Create policies around application deployments
  • Run pre-flight checks before deployment through dry-runs and smoke tests
  • Obtain delivery confirmation and verification that what was deployed is consistent with the manifest
  • Integrate existing security tools to ensure application security checks are executed prior to deployment

Managing Global, Regional, and Local Requirements

  • Create and manage schedules for deployments based on time zones and restricted periods due to local requirements, seasonal campaigns, or regular maintenance windows

Cross-team Consistency and Standardization

  • Define mandatory organization-specific polices for all deployments for namespaces, tags and application naming*
  • Use one deployment tool for all teams to deploy applications on Kubernetes across environments from managed cloud services, self-hosted, airgapped to edge

Safe Harbor Data Strategies

  • Simplify Safe Harbor data strategy implementation with the ability to define which apps and data are deployed to which clusters based on location

Audit Trails

  • Ensure full traceability with logs and audit trails provided for actions in CAEPE


  • Manage access, roles, and rights to deploy applications through RBAC
  • Use CAEPE as an self-hosted install for zero-trust model implementation

Progressive Delivery

  • Define and utilize common progressive delivery strategies: Canary, A/B, Blue/Green, Recreate/Highlander and Rolling/Ramped deployments.

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