Have a question about CAEPE™? Check out our frequently asked questions or drop us an email at letschat@caepe.sh or contact us to learn more.

How do I start using CAEPE?

Start your CAEPE journey with a product demo by our experts. They do a comprehensive product walkthrough and understand your challenges to see if there is a need for CAEPE. You are invited to sign up for our zero-cost, 6-week pilot, a comprehensive program during which you enjoy the same benefits as a CAEPE customer and more – unlimited clusters, dedicated resources and access to enterprise support.

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How do I deploy CAEPE?

CAEPE is available as a SaaS or an on-premise installation.

Do feature sets differ for SaaS and on-premise installation?

No, they are the same.

For the zero-cost, 6-week pilot, how many clusters am I limited to?

Pilot customers enjoy the benefit of unlimited clusters so that you can run and test CAEPE as it would work in your infrastructure and daily operations.

How do I know if CAEPE will work well with my existing CI/CD tooling?

CAEPE is meant to fit into your existing CI/CD tool chain. That is possible through powerful scripting, an API-first approach and an intuitive UI. During your demo session, share your existing tooling with our experts. They will help assess how CAEPE integrates into your existing tooling to streamline workflows.

What platforms and distributions can I use CAEPE to deploy to?

CAEPE supports all major Kubernetes distributions, platforms and cloud services.

Open-source distributions supported include:

  • Native Kubernetes
  • K3s
  • Rancher Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift (OCP)

Cloud managed services supported include:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Service (GKS)

If you use platforms that are not listed, please speak to our experts, CAEPE is architected to support common and robust approaches to simplify integration.

What image registries and repositories can I use with CAEPE?

CAEPE currently supports the following image registries and repositories:

  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Helm
  • Kube-Manifest
  • Kustomize
  • Google Container Registry (GCR)
  • Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Amazon Container Registry (ACR)

How does CAEPE calculate pricing?

Clusters are only considered active and charged if they have been running for more than 24 hours.

My DevOps team is actually spinning up clusters all the time but mostly these are temporary. Will we be charged for these clusters?

No you will not be charged if these clusters are not running for more than 24 hours.

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