Introducing Azure Test Drive for CAEPE

Singapore — 28 Mar 2024

We’re excited to let you know that the CAEPE Azure Test Drive is now available on the Azure Marketplace. 

With the Test Drive, you can get hands-on experience with CAEPE’s capabilities without needing a subscription. Dive into a practical environment to see first-hand how CAEPE optimizes deployment processes and enhances the power of Azure products like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure DevOps(ADO) and GitHub Actions. 

Start your Test Drive now by visiting the CAEPE page on the Azure Marketplace. Click ‘Test Drive’ and get instant access to your CAEPE account with a user guide and a fully-featured test environment. Explore features like Smoke Testing, Progressive Delivery, multi-cluster deployment, and much more. You have a generous four-hour sandbox, though most users can go through the essential workflows in minutes.

For those looking for more in-depth exploration or a team evaluation, we offer a complimentary 2 to 6-week pilot program fully supported by a dedicated team of customer success, solution architects, and project management resources. Contact us to learn more. 

 CAEPE is a Kubernetes-native Continuous Deployment tool, simplifying application deployment across various environments and automating complex tasks for faster, high-quality releases. It excels in deploying applications to edge and air-gapped environments, addressing enterprise security, process, and data needs. With CAEPE’s user-friendly web UI, users with varying Kubernetes skill levels can easily configure and launch deployments independently within minutes. 

Explore CAEPE’s potential through an Azure Test Drive. Improve your deployment processes and see the seamless integration with Azure products. For more information or to start your Test Drive, visit the CAEPE page on the Azure Marketplace.

Mark Mooney

Product Lead, CAEPE
Mark is a seasoned technology executive with a background encompassing software development, product management, and business. Having encountered the common challenges addressed by CAEPE, such as pipeline chaos, slow delivery, and the pursuit of consistent, continuous deployment, he is dedicated to helping engineering teams achieve their delivery goals and meet business and technology KPIs. 

About Biqmind

Biqmind’s mission is to make cloud native possible through software that enables teams to focus on their application development and delivery. Biqmind’s flagship Kubernetes Continuous Deployment tool, CAEPE, automates delivery of Kubernetes applications and enables complex deployment strategies anywhere. Biqmind is a global Microsoft ISV Partner.


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